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The Anastasio Law Firm

1221 Locust Street, Suite 201
St. James Street Entrance
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Office: 215.609.4165
Fax: 215.825.7671



Anastasio Law, LLC is a legal team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the following areas:


- Business, Real Estate & Zoning

- Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

- Divorce, Custody, Support & Adoption

- Civil litigation & Personal Injury


In the old days, people went to "their law firm" to see "their lawyer" who, with fellow associates, could help them with everything from starting a business, getting permits to expand a home, probate their parent's will, put their own affairs in order in the event of their death, and, if the need arose, get help if they were injured or facing a divorce.


These law firms were their clients' law firm for life.  Anastasio Law harkens back to those days - but takes a more modern approach.  Four distinct areas of practice led by four experienced lawyers in a specific area of practice who work collaboratively to help you achieve your goals.  Your team leader will be an attorney whose primary professional focus relates to your specific legal needs. The entire team, however, is at your service to help face any unforeseen issues.


How can we deliver such uncompromising service?  Through innovative management strategies and state of the art technology, no team of lawyers is more accessible to clients and more dedicated to delivering quality representation at reasonable fees than Anastasio Law.


Our team of lawyers and support staff is as creative, energetic and experienced group of professionals with deep roots in the business, political and private sectors. Serving clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Anastasio Law is changing the way legal representation is delivered.


We're your law firm for your life.